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The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Deputies have arrested five individuals charged in connection with an alleged home-invasion conspiracy to steal nearly $1 million in Bitcoin. 

Residential Strong Arm Robbery

They say that crime never pays. For five men in Georgia, that was certainly the case.

As reported by 11 Alive, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office arrested five men in connection with a conspiracy to invade a Forsyth County home in the hopes of making off with upwards of $1 million in Bitcoin, the world’s most popular and expensive cryptocurrency.

The arrests come after a 4-month-long investigation, following the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit’s response to what was initially believed to be a drug investigation at a local hotel. On January 29, narcotics authorities intervened on four males in possession of zip ties, latex gloves, duct tape, and bandanas. The men were released, however, due to a lack of sufficient evidence.

The subsequent investigation revealed that the men were not planning a drug-related crime. Rather, they were after someone’s Bitcoin fortune. The four men – Trivette Adams, Matthew Schwartz, Jacob South and Michael McDermont – were allegedly planning to rob a homeowner of his digital currency.

Residential Strong Arm Robbery

Adams and McDermont were apprehended near the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta before they were able to flee by airplane. The former tried to make a run for it but failed to outrun the deputies.

South and Schwartz, meanwhile, were able to fly out of Atlanta. However, two Major Crimes Unit detectives in Chicago caught up to the criminals and extradited both with help from the Chicago Police Department.

Finally, a fifth suspect, Justin Ellison of Illinois, was arrested on May 11 following an interview conducted by Illinois detectives in connection to the investigation. As noted by 11 Alive:

Trivette Adams, 20, of Pflugerville, Tex., has been charged with residential strong arm robbery and criminal trespass; Robert South, 21, of Norcross has been charged with residential strong arm robbery; Matthew Schwartz, 18, of Hesperia, Calif., has been charged with residential strong arm robbery; Michael McDermott, 18, has been charged with residential strong arm robbery and criminal trespass; Justin Ellison, 20, of Worth, Ill., has been charged with residential strong arm robbery and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Bitcoin Armed Robbery

The foiled conspiracy should serve as a reminder to keep not only your private keys hidden, but also keep the contents of said wallets on a need-to-know basis.

What measures have you taken to prevent the criminal theft of your cryptocurrency holdings? Be sure to let us know (or don’t) in the comments below!

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