Sweden will trial its CBDC with a live banking participant. The experimentation will involve participation between Riksbank and Handelsbanken, a retail bank chain based in Sweden.

Sweden has cryptoprimacy.com/news/sweden-is-studying-a-potential-transition-to-the-e-krona-cbdc”>made a number of strides toward its own central bank digital currency, or CBDC, called the e-krona. The Sveriges Riksbank, the country’s central bank, now looks to experiment with the asset using a non-simulated party. 

As reported by Reuters, Riksbank detailed on Friday via a statement: “The e-krona pilot is therefore moving on from only having simulated participants, to cooperation with external participants in the test environment.” The experiment will involve participation between Riksbank and Handelsbanken, a retail bank chain based in Sweden.

In January, cryptoprimacy.com/news/sweden-is-working-with-dlt-for-its-cbdc-proof-of-concept”>Riksbank elaborated that its e-krona proof-of-concept harnesses Corda, a distributed ledger technology, or DLT, solution is from R3. Sweden has been on cryptoprimacy.com/news/swedens-central-bank-to-partner-with-accenture-to-launch-e-krona”>cryptoprimacy.com/news/swedens-central-bank-to-partner-with-accenture-to-launch-e-krona”>the CBDC path for over a year. April brought the news that the country had cryptoprimacy.com/news/sweden-s-central-bank-completes-first-phase-of-digital-currency-pilot”>finished the beginning portion of its CBDC pilot.

The Riksbank statement reported on by Reuters also included Handelsbanken noting: “For Handelsbanken, the project means the opportunity to participate in what may be among the first digital central bank-issued money in the world to be available to the public.”

CBDCs were a hot topic in 2020, with countries continuing their pursuits in 2021. China has largely cryptoprimacy.com/news/china-turns-up-pace-on-cbdc-release-tests-infrastructure-prior-to-adoption”>led the charge in terms of CBDC ambition, although the Bahamas burst on the scene last fall with the cryptoprimacy.com/news/the-bahamas-launches-world-s-first-cbdc-the-sand-dollar”>first CBDC launch, calling its currency the Sand Dollar. Just recently, Lael Brainard, the governor of the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, cryptoprimacy.com/news/us-must-win-cbdc-race-to-maintain-dollar-s-global-reserve-currency-status-federal-reserve-governor”>expressed the importance of a CBDC in terms of the country’s position as the world’s reserve currency.