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Taking losses in a bear market is no fun. Luckily, there are ways to earn passive income that are unaffected by the cryptocurrency market’s innate volatility. One of those ways is through AirPod profit-sharing.

AirPod Offers a Stable Passive Income Stream

The cryptocurrency and blockchain marketplace can be a volatile place.

However, not all investments in the space are prone to wild swings in valuation. Some, like AirPod’s ICO, are immune to the negative consequences of a bear market.

AirPod is a blockchain-powered project which removes the major pains and stresses of traveling and waiting for connecting flights by providing an innovative, cutting-edge sleeping pod capsule. There is currently nothing like it available on the global market. With that being the case, AirPod’s ICO may represent a fantastic investment opportunity for those looking to earn passive income in a new and volatile market.

So Long, Volatility!

AirPod is currently busy at work creating its own economy, which is based on the platform’s native currency: the APOD token. Investors who contribute to the project’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) are able to enter into a profit-sharing relationship — in which users may use their APOD tokens in a “Sponsorship Program” via a decentralized application (DApp) powered program. The Sponsorship Program will be available in the ICO’s second phase.

Being part of the Sponsorship Program offers investors the ability to gain a stable passive cryptocurrency income, which is not directly influenced by a bear market. Such markets are ineffective at creating a stable economy, but the APOD token is an independent entity. Instead of being influenced by bear-market factors, APOD tokens are influenced directly by the success of the AirPod business — which is currently only in its infancy but firmly poised for success.

In fact, this success is virtually guaranteed, as people will always need to travel, and AirPod’s provide a perfect opportunity for business travelers looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of busy airports, without actually leaving the premises.


As the number of AirPod locations grows and a user base develops, the frequency of tokens purchased on exchanges will also grow. As a result, the value of the APOD token will automatically increase over time.

Essentially, more AirPods installations equate to more users, which equates to increased token buyback exchanges. Tokens are then returned at a higher price, thus increasing the price of APOD tokens.

In this way, AirPod all but ensures profits — irrespective of the current crypto market condition. Additionally, the expected growth the travel community leads to a positive outlook for profits.

To learn more about AirPod, the APOD token, the project’s sponsorship platform, and how passive income can work in your favor, visit the official website here.

What do you think about passive income as a way of countering the wild volatility and negative consequences of a bear market? Do you agree that AirPods are solid investments and means of achieving passive income? Let us know in the comments below!

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